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   "BE ONEOF THEMotivated"


 *ONEOF THEM"      

Ballers come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.  Those that love competition are the ones that step up to any and all challenges.  Weather it be something as physical as football, or something as calm as a game of chess.  Myemi Intertainment is just that in a nutshell, INTERTAINMENT at its best. Sure we all like the excitement that comes along with cheering or rooting for your favorite squad.  But honestly, we all have that individual fire when it comes to good ole you against me. Again. It doesn't matter what the game is, because a lot of family gatherings have had some real knock down dragout UNO game competitions!  We say that to express the fact that competition comes in all kinds of arenas. Myemi Intertainment mission is to always keep that energy goin, to keep you activated not only physically, but mentally and even spirtually. So grab that ball or whatever floats your boat. From soccer to shuffleboard its all about your state of mind in the end. Get up, step up, and "Be ONEOF THEMotivated"

Look for more MYEMI INTERTAINMENT sponsored events this year. Flag Football, Basketball and Softball tournaments, Chess and Putt Putt just to name a few events. Signup for the latest scheduled notifications to make sure your in the loop to be ONEOF THEM"


toll free 1 833 45 MYEMI


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